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Carrauntoohil stands at 1,038 meters tall and is Ireland's tallest mountain. It is part of the McGillyCuddy Reeks in the Killarney National Park which includes another 7 of Ireland's 10 tallest mountains. Carrauntoohil has three ridges: the Beenkeragh ridge on the north (connecting it to Beenkeragh, Ireland's 2nd mountain at 1,008 meter), on the western side the Caher ridge (connecting it to the 1,000 meter tall Caher mountain, Ireland's 3rd tallest) and lastly an unnamed wider ridge on the south side, leading down to the famous Devil's Ladder, a classic route of ascent.

No matter what route you choose, climbing Carrauntoohil is an adventure of its own and the rewards when you make it to the top will certainly be worth the effort. On a clear day the view streches for many miles and you will feel like you're on top of the world. Irish mountains have a way of doing this: even though in height they're only modest compared with some of their continental counterparts, but they feel like in a category of their own. For example, during the winter Carrauntoohil is a popular place for alpinist to practice their ice-climbing due to their simular conditions.

Climbing Carrauntoohil with me means you're looked after well. I can arange transportation and take you right to the heart of the action. I know the routes to take you to the top. It can be incredibly difficult to navigate in the quickly changing conditions on Irish mountains so it is good to know you're in safe hands with someone with an abundance of experience in the Irish mountains. Furthermore your adventure will be tailored exactly to your needs.