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Hungry Hill

Hungry Hill, also referred to as "Angry Hill" is the mightiest of the Caha mountain range on the Beara peninsula. It stands 685 meters tall. Its altitude and shape made Richard Mersey describe it as the crown of the Caha mountains. The mountain is located on the Cork and Kerry border and from its wide broad summit you get a fantastic vista overlooking Bantry Bay and the West-Cork coastline towards Sheep's Head.

There are several routes up this famous mountain: the most straightforward way starts from the nearby Healy Pass whereas some other options require professional climbing gear.

Climbing Hungry Hill with me means you're looked after well. I can arange transportation and take you right to the heart of the action. I know the routes to take you to the top. It can be incredibly difficult to navigate in the quickly changing conditions on Irish mountains so it is good to know you're in safe hands with someone with an abundance of experience in the Irish mountains. Furthermore your adventure will be tailored exactly to your needs.